More than 40 years of career

Maire was born on the island of Raiatea in the Raromatai archipelago in French Polynesia in the late sixties. From the age of 4 she demonstrates her vocal qualities in the competitions of organized songs, at this period, by the religious confessions of the island. She wins prizes for her performances and also the admiration of her mother who will always support her.

Bobby Holcomb

Around the age of 11, Bobby, already famous, contacted Maire to join the band he composed with Tarzan Amiot's musicians: Les Bigs Boys. From the first contact, Bobby asked Maire to sing and after a few notes he confided with his accent memorable "it's good, I have not much to teach you, you already know all the different techniques of voice ... " 

Outside of school hours, for more than three years, she accompanied Bobby for countless concerts in all the archipelagos. It's duet that allows him to express himself at best. She will participate in the creation of two albums by her side. Then she will also sing alongside Angelo when he joins the group.

His First Solo Album

It is towards his fourteenth birthday that Octave Terrorotua, music producer at Arevareva studio in Tahiti, offers to record his first album entitled "Ta maua teura". Huge success of the cassette that she will have the opportunity to promote alone on the scenes of Tahiti or accompanied by other famous singers of that time, Loma, Mila, Maire Arai ... 

Maire grows up and learns to perform on stage, faces the spotlight and the media. She continues the success for several years to the benefit of its producers who see in her "one of the most beautiful voice" of Polynesia. Clips, TV shows, newspaper articles, she composes her own songs and agrees to sing those of other authors. "Just you and me" "Wait for little cloud" "Love is always love" Hiro iti "and a cover of Elvis Presley in French" Help me ".

"Music, It's All My Life"

"Oscar of the Brig" Maire Tavaearii and Patrick Noble together animate the scene of the Royal every Friday and Saturday nights after being elected "best singers of the year". We are in 1987 and Maire will host the lodge nights at the hotel Maeva Beach Sofitel for many months.
10 albums and cassettes to his name when Oceane Production offers him to produce his new compositions. The much more modern studio already hosts Bobby Holcomb, Angelo, and she records in 1991 "The innocent" the year of the conflicts in Iraq.

"Music is my life," she told the Tiki Mag reporter in 1996. She devotes herself to her compositions and dreams of conquering the European public. It's a little what she will realize the time of a great tour in France like leader singer of the group FENUA of Guy Laurens in 2001. Television, concerts, France accomodates the Polynesian spectacle in vogue.
Moreover the municipality of Bora Bora will spend relentlessly the song "Horoa mai" in the shuttles of the local airline. Thus, thousands of tourists have heard Maire sing, maybe, without knowing it ...

A tuu mai i te here

New compositions, new momentum of his career. Thousands of copies sold, the album "A tuu mai i te here," understand "Loose taken in the name of love" is the first self produced album on which Maire works each musical detail, each vocal breath. It is the image of a mature woman experienced in all areas of her art.
She gives a lot of her time in the protection of the environment, by participating actively in eco-civic actions with the children of her island and composes a show "Marama the flame" which mix theater, dances and songs on this theme that she will carry, with all his troop, beyond the borders of Polynesia.

The life of every day

When Maire is not on stage or busy composing new songs, she has a daily life to manage. She chose to take care of a small farm in permaculture in the heights of Raiatea and reserve its productions to serve snack Natura Food Beach plant, restaurant on the beach, feet in the water and on local products on the road to zero waste. A few times, tourists venture to her house in the Camp Green opened a few years of Hotu Natura No. Raiatea.

But if you go through Raiatea, look on the lagoon of Miri miri, perhaps you will meet her because fishing is one of his passions.


Of course, by dint of singing the love of the earth, the universe allows him to meet the key people who will teach him the Hoo'ponopono. Resonances. Maire adopts and promotes this Hawaiian ritual, taught by the elders to the present day. Volunteer, with other artists from Raiatea, the Association Rainuiatea, produces a 3 tracks album in all Polynesian languages and a clip to promote these four magic words: sorry, sorry, thank you, I love you
Maire sings love, the one in each of us, but it is above all a being filled with love who dedicates every moment of his life to love others and to bring them support and availability. An artist.

2014 Produces a three-hour concert to celebrate her 40-year career. We murmur in his entourage: "she excels"
2017 "Fenua Metua" the new album to discover.